A tongue-in-cheek look at some of the characters found at Wallasey Folk and Acoustic Club, followed by sound/p.a. info and a few favourite links.

Alan Ainsworth
New to us as resident but not to the local folk scene, 'Big Al' is a seasoned performer and a great song-writer.

George & Gill Peckham
Lovely singing and guitar playing from the masters of folk. These residents come as a duo and usually like to show it with their wardrobe!

Bernie Thomas
No, not in prison but with more freedom than most of us he has lots of time to write great songs, many of them with a local flavour. Great host, too.

Vinny Spencer
Vinny wows us with his song writing and experience on the stage. Sometimes joined by a full choir! Good job the lights aren't too bright!

Kathy Runswick
Kathy sometimes is joined by her daughter Emma, who also brings along Josh. Three for the price of one!...

Angie from BROADBAND
Had a great night visiting the club hope to see you all again some day :)

A Fab night was had by all this sunday.There were seventeen performers at the singers night! There was a very happy atmostphere, and it was great hearing the regulars as well as new singers. If you haven't been before you don't know what your missing! :grin

Bill Mowbray
Always was a great venue with superb residents, singers and guests. Hope to be back in the New Year unless I contract some other ailment such as berry-berry or rampant leprosy - might as well - had everything else this year. Good luck to you all and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Vinny Spencer
Great night last night. A lovely welcoming atmosphere, and I enjoyed all the performances. It was nice to get up and perform myself for the first time in a while in such a pleasant environment. See you all soon

Phil Drane
Hi all, Really enjoyed performing a floor spot at your club last week. If you'd like to get in touch or listen to more of my stuff, please do. We'll be over from New Zealand again next year, so hopefully we'll meet again. Thanks again. Phil Drane

Tom Knoop
Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am hoping to come along this Sumday (14 Jan). I like your web site.

great club,great atmosphere,and we really do have some wonderful singers/musicians,I will be back.

Alan Edwards
ust thought I'd drop by and say what a great time we had at your club recently. We saw a band called Reckless Elbow and they were so good I can't believe they were a local band - very professional. they should be on at big festivals and theatres. Thanks to the organisers. We will come again.

Barry (chairman)
I think we are a wonderful club!
Am I biased?

Folk at the Manor
We would love to hear from you. Please leave a message. It could be about the club, guests or the website.
Thank You!

Just thought I'd drop by and say what a great time we had at your club recently. We saw a band called Reckless Elbow and they were so good I can't believe they were a local band - very professional. they should be on at big festivals and theatres. Thanks to the organisers. We will come again.

Where to listen to folklore music in London

The English folklore music has been around since the medieval days. Traditionally it has only been sung, and never played over recordings. Until a few years ago when it became commercialized and stopped being only courtly and classical. It is very rich with mythical and legendary creatures, stories about long forgotten kingdoms, kings and queens and of course full of love, bravery, sadness and sometimes happiness.

As we know, London is the center of the United Kingdom today, and as such it is also the center of the music scene of Great Britain. That includes folklore music, as well. There are quite a few known London Clubs and Pubs where they play folklore music. In Central London you can listen to folklore music and enjoy your beer in the Betsey Trotwood corner Pub. It is very Victorian and it stages music events almost every night. Besides Betsey Trotwood you can also visit Apple Tree, The Horseshoe or The King and Queen pubs and clubs and enjoy the folklore music and great British beer in the center of London. For a little different folklore experience visit The Slaughtered Lamb, also in Central London. Once you go there, you will see what we mean.

North, South, East and West

Other parts of London have also quite a lot folklore pubs and clubs. In North London there are: Albert & Pearl, King's Head Crouch End, Kings Place, Old Queen's Head and two more. One of them is Cecil Sharp House. We mention this club separately because it is the estimated headquarter of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. If you want to see, feel and hear the English folklore in its purest form, visit this club. The other one is Green Note. It's special because it's a vegetarian cafe/bar and venue that features live music five nights a week. They play there some excellent class folk music.

You can also listen to folk music in South London. Cabbage Patch, the home of Twickfolk, has been running since 1983. Dulwich Hamlet FC, The Grosvenor, Hootananny, Selkirk and The Magnolia. The last one, The Magnolia, is home to The Goose Is Out, which takes place every Friday. This is a handsome restaurant and bar. What is better than to eat good food, drink good beer and listen to great folk music? The answer is: only one thing - being in South London while doing it. Feel free to take a escort from https://www.eros.com/, as well, and enjoy everything London has to offer..

East and West London have only a few clubs and bars featuring English folk music. In the east part of the city there are: Passing Clouds, Ye Olde Rose & Crown - this is one of the well known folk clubs in Britain, and The North Star, yes The North Star is really in East London. In West London there are only two folk clubs. But they are of good quality and offer great music. The first one is the Irish Culture Centre. Besides folklore music, this is also a home to Irish film and literary events, theatre performances and a lot more Irish and British stuff. Go and visit it, we don't want to spoil anything. Bush Hall is the other club with folk music in West London. The only two words we will say about it is: great Edwardian club!