Could Eating Too Fast Make You Fat?

Eating too fast has always been associated with bad table manners. Guzzling one’s food can be construed as an insult to the chef, whether it’s in a four-star restaurant or in the family dining room. New scientific studies show that in addition to being boorish social behavior, eating too fast can have a negative impact on your body weight.


After Eating Too Fast, You Still Feel Hungry

“Weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem tend to discourage fast eating”, explains weight loss reviewer of Anecdotal evidence suggests that eating quickly increases the total amount of food consumed at a meal. The theory is that you can eat faster than your brain can register the food intake, and you wind up eating much more food than is actually needed to balance your energy expenditure.

A study conducted at the University of Rhode Island and published in the 2008 Journal of the American Dietetic Association has proven what had been suspected all along. The study’s goal, as set by Dr Andrade and colleagues, was to discover empirical evidence that reducing the rate of food intake could have a positive effect on body weight. To this purpose, 30 healthy women were tested on two occasions in order to compare the effects of slow and fast eating. Satiety, the feeling of having had enough food, was the primary touchstone of the test.

On the fast-eating day the test subjects, armed with a soupspoon, were given lunch and told to eat at a comfortable rate, but with no pauses between bites. On the slow-eating day, the test subjects were given a teaspoon and told to take small bites, to put the utensil down between bites, and to chew each bite of food twenty to thirty times. The results showed that when the test subjects ate quickly, their satiety was lower even though they had consumed more food. When the test subjects ate slowly, they ate less food, experienced satiety before all of their food was consumed, and reported enjoying the meal more.

When You Gobble Your Food, You Eat More

Recent years have seen increased knowledge in the mechanics of appetite control. Immediately following a meal, the gut experiences hormonal changes that affect the hypothalamus and regulate hunger, feelings of satiety, and total number of calories consumed. These changes include a decrease in the peptide ghrelin, which is an orexigenic hormone, meaning it stimulates appetite. Simultaneously, there is a rise in anorexigenics (appetite suppressants) in the form of peptide YY (PYY) and glucagon-like peptide, also known as GLP-1.

A crossover study, published in the 2010 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, examined whether eating slowly would result in increased satiety. Kokkinos and his team at Athens University Medical School sought to measure satiety hormones in the gut. Specifically, the researchers wanted to know whether eating more slowly would result in more anorexigenic peptides and fewer orexigenic peptides.

For the study, 17 healthy male volunteers were given 300 ml (or about 10 ounces) of ice cream on two different occasions. During the first session, the ice cream was divided into two portions, which the test subjects consumed within 5 minutes. For the second session, the ice cream was divided into 7 equal portions, which were eaten over the course of half an hour. During the clinical session, which lasted three and a half hours, blood samples were drawn before the meal and at 30-minute intervals in order to measure the anorexigenic and orexigenic peptides, as well as glucose, plasma lipids, and insulin levels.

Appetite suppressing peptides (PYY and GLP-1) were significantly greater after the 30-minute dessert than after the 5-minute dessert, which proved that eating quickly results in fewer appetite suppressing hormones. In addition, unrestrained energy intake was higher when the ice cream was eaten quickly, and lower when it was eaten more slowly. After meal completion, satiety was higher for the slow-food group.

Wolfing Down Your Food WILL Make You Fat

The above two studies essentially found that eating fast makes you feel more hungry and as a result consume more food. But could this really affect your weight? To complement these findings, a study published in the British Medical Journal sought to examine whether eating too fast could result in being overweight or obese.

The Mayurama cross-sectional survey examined the data collected from 4140 Japanese adults, who were asked in a questionnaire to rate the pace at which they consumed their meals, from slow to very fast. Those who answered that they ate their meals “fast” or “very fast” combined with “eating until full” had the highest values for body mass index, weight, and caloric consumption. Those who did not eat quickly and did not eat until full had the lowest incidence of being overweight and the lowest energy intake. This study scientifically validated the warning that “wolfing down your food will make you fat.”

We can now understand why Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, the two biggest commercial weight loss programs recommend that we eat our food slowly. More about Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and their coupon codes at

How to Stop Eating So Fast

Some habits are deeply ingrained. If your parents always told you to clean your plate, you may find it difficult to stop eating until you have consumed every morsel of your meal. So the first step is to cut down on the portion size of the food on your plate. That way you can satisfy the nagging voice in your head without adding to your body mass index.

Next, take small bites, chew your food thoroughly, and set your utensil down between mouthfuls. Try using a small fork or spoon, or even chopsticks, to slow down the rate of food consumption. Watching television while eating can distract you from truly savoring your meal. Try to pay attention to and enjoy your food’s aromas and flavors.

If you absolutely must have something sweet at the end of the meal, allow a full 20 minutes to pass before indulging. At that point, you may find that the urge to continue eating has passed. If not, then select a slimming option such as nonfat yogurt, and use the same technique of small portions and small bites.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. You may find yourself better able to adhere to your weight loss program, just by ending the habit of eating too fast.

Pinnacle Systems Software and Its Coupon Codes

Looking For A Pinnacle Discount?

You can enjoy a 15% discount in all pinnacle products. The company now gives users the option to enter a special promo at the checkout regardless which software you are buying or how much it costs. Even the cheapest product is subject to discount. So, the latest pinnacle coupon code for the Studio 18 family and Scorefitter is 15PINSAVE and for Dazzle would be DAZZ10FREE. However, if you are not sure, you can always search online for pinnacle promo codes and see which are the most current ones at the known deal sites and use those.

Studio 18

pinnacle studio 18Pinnacle systems is a company that specializes in production of software and hardware for video editing, studio ads on and plug-ins. Some of the video editing software they make include; studio 18 ultimate software pinnacle studio 16 & 17, pinnacle studio for iPhone and iPad. This software are fast, provide a more responsive movie making experience. They have been made with a new 64 –bit architecture. Users are able to easily import and edit clips at their computers using this software. Users are able to get from 1500 effects and above which enables them to enhance their movie making experience. This software are designed for windows operating systems. Users of pinnacle plus software are able to combine audio therefore enhancing their movie experience.

General Features

Some of the advanced features that comes with other superior software like pinnacle ultimate and pinnacle plus include more than 1800 effects both 2D and 3D, crop ,pan and zoom and enhances capture from live screens. Pinnacle studio 18 ultimate have some premium effects that include; motion blends, light blends, video stabilizers so as to avoid shaky footage. Video essential 2 also a feature in pinnacle studio 18 ultimate helps in creating a vignette and swapping scene add picture in another picture, also helps in correcting parts distorted by lens.


pinnacle dazzlePinnacle systems also produces video capture hardware like dazzle DVD recorder which helps to capture and edit video from camcorders, digital cameras, DVDs and gaming consoles. There are also complete training guides from for pinnacle software that offer guidance on how to install , manipulate and use superior editing tools found with pinnacle systems software programs.

This video will definitely enlighten you on how to use Dazzle.

Smartphone Apps

Pinnacle studio for iPhone and iPad are programs developed to ensure movie making on your iPad and iPhone. pinnacle studio program for iPad and iPhone enable owners of this gadgets to quickly edit video audio and photos, add high quality transition, make superior effects, make precision edits on the timeline all on the convenience of their gadgets and also enable them to share their edited movies and photos on all online platforms.

What Uses Say For Pinnacle

Users who have used pinnacle systems have had good review about them. Highest percentage did not encounter challenges while using pinnacle systems. Some of the advantages they have enjoyed include; clean graphic user interface, easy step by step from media import to movie output. They have also reported pinnacle software to have lots of effects available and a fully capable system. Users have also reported challenged while using pinnacle software. This challenges include complicate settings, it is hard to change setting. There has also been cases of password mismatch but this challenges have resulted from technical issues not really challenges posed by the software. Users can be able to efficiently use pinnacle software programs by first purchasing installation guide and reading them thoroughly.

Prices of pinnacle products are low compared the features they offers. Different products have got different prices that differ according to the features of the product purchased. Pinnacle systems also offer discount on their products making it convenient for their customers to purchase them.Pinnacle have therefore featured the best video editing software and hardware systems.

Best Antitheft Apps For iPhone: iGotYa and Find my iPhone

phone antitheftNowadays, Smartphone seems to be the priority for thieves of all kinds. Even in the streets, you must have heard stories about how that person’s iPhone was snatched or how Mr. B lost his iPod Touch in a restaurant last weekend. Some thieves burgle houses for the sole aim of stealing an iPhone, iPad or any other smart-gadget they presumed might be inside. Yes, despite the fact that the iPhone itself costs hundreds of dollars, some of them have actually piled up valuable personal and business information that the owner may never want to part with even at life or death situations. So the question is; if your iPhone eventually found its way in the hands of these one-way thinkers, what chances do you have at recovering it?
For your iPhone, there are two interesting apps that can help you to achieve this; iGotYa and Find my iPhone.


igotyaiGotYa is an anti-theft app from Cydia, designed to increase the chances of recovering your stolen iPhone by revealing the thief’s image and location. This app works with the native iOS passcode lock system. When somebody steals your iPhone and tries to gain access into it by tampering with the passcode on the lockscreen, iGotYa takes snapshots of the person and gathers data on the iPhone’s GPS locations and send them to whatever email address you used in the settings. To effectively use the services provided by this app, you have to have the Location Services enabled on your device. Also, you must be in a place that is Wi-Fi or 3G covered in order to receive the picture and GPS location details. 

iGotYa app

Additionally, after two failed attempts on your passcode, iGotYa will put your iPhone in a secure mode which is meant to keep the thief off the content of the device while still communicating the owner the phone’s location. To do this, iGotYa will unlock the phone despite whether the thief got the passcode or not, but puts the phone in a minimal state where your major data, applications and settings will not be available, including your contacts list, text messages, calendar, to-do list, alarms and many other customized features. Are these gone forever? Not at all, when restored, you will have all your data, details and settings back at the input of the right passcode.
What’s more? For those smart thieves who may want to gain access into the content of your iPhone with their computer, iGotYa is also designed to prevent synchronizations with Any desktop application. To this end, even if the thief tries to access your device’s file-system with an AFC program, they won’t be available for him.


iGotYa is simple to use. It is one of the simplest anti-theft applications in the market and doesn’t require days or weeks of learning how it all works. It supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that runs on iOS 3.1 or later. Free trial is also available!
Snapshots are silently taken without the knowledge of the thief. There is no flashlight or sound that may give it away. Hence the thief feels relaxed with your iPhone while you sort ways of apprehending him.
It protects the content of the iPhone with secure mode. While I got surprised at the fact that the app will actually unlock the device, it seems a smart idea to let the thief think that he has finally gained control while in actual sense he hasn’t.
It prevents sync with any desktop application including AFC. Yes, there are those sneaky thieves who may go to any length to break whatever security is installed in the device. But iGotYa is designed to await such actions as trying to sync the content with a desktop app. Guess what? We are promised that the app prevents this, and does not even support AFC.


There are three major cons associated with iGotYa.
First, if you are not in a Wi-Fi or 3G covered areas, there are minimal or no chance of recovering your stolen device because you will never get the picture and GPS location of the thief which depends solely on internet networks.
Secondly, some high-tech thieves may eventually figure out a way to disable iGotYa once they got hold of your device, but that is if SSH or AFC2 is enabled. However, majority of the
jackers out there are probably looking to raise some extra cash or want something to hold unto and may not actually know their way around this.
Thirdly, iGotYa works on jailbroken phones only! If you want to use this app, you must jailbreak your device first.

What Users Say About iGotYa

Offered at less than $5, many users are still thrilled by the simplicity and operation of this app. Its simple features and especially the snapshot service features have helped many to recover their iPhone. To most people, this is the alternative anti-theft app to Apple’s Find my iPhone!
So, what is Apple’s Find my iPhone?

Find-my-iPhone App

Find-my-iPhoneFind my iPhone is a free app from Apple designed to help locate a missing iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It allows the owner of the misplaced device to locate, gain control and protect the data on the phone by using another device that runs on iOS. Hence if your device is misplaced or perhaps stolen, you can use your Apple ID on another device to locate your missing phone on a map, the GPS coordinates of which are generated and sent using Wi-Fi or any other active network. Additionally, the app will even allow you to play a sound or send a message to the device – if you suspect it is misplaced in your house or within a close range. The sound is played at full volume for two minutes making sure that it is loud enough for your recognition. You can remotely do this even if the device is muted. 
If you heard nothing, the phone is probably stolen. Find my iPhone will also allow you to remotely lock the device or erase the data on the device so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Supported languages include English, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and a whole lot others.

Find-my-iPhone App

The service offered through Find my iPhone was previously available to paid MobileMe subscribers, now MobileMe subscription is free and everyone can enjoy the device location services offered with this app – thanks to Apple! If your phone is yet to be jailbroken, this is your best bet for those moments you may want to ransack your house, sweep through an open field with your fingers or start searching all your friends in a weekend party for your iPhone.


Find my iPhone is a simple app that can tell the location of your phone at any point in time. It works on those yet-to-be-jailbroken phones and comes free of charge from Apple.
It supports more than 20 languages, making sure that customers are served in the language they understand best. Also, its operation doesn’t depend on the device; you can locate your phone using another device that runs on iOS – your friend’s device can do the job any time.
Play a sound or send a message to your device to hear and locate where it is – if misplaced. However, if the device is actually stolen, Find my iPhone will allow you to either lock or erase the content thereby securing your personal or business information.


Like most other anti-theft apps, Find my iPhone is yet to have a solution when the battery of the misplaced or stolen device is dead. Additionally, it depends on internet connection to function effectively; hence the service is interrupted where there is no network coverage.
The accuracy of the location details sent by Find my iPhone varies greatly. Hence while the map may be pointing at a particular place, it is advised you also look few blocks away from the actual coordinate. Who knows!

What Users Say About Find my iPhone

Many people have actually put Find my iPhone to test. While few people had some issues with the accuracy of the GPS location the app sent, most people who used the app-assisted service to locate their stolen iPhone were successful. Above all, people love this app and tend to recommend it. It is good for those moments when you may be looking for your device at home, or when you suspect it’s been stolen.

iGotYa vs Find my iPhone

These are two of the top rated anti-theft apps for iPhone users. However, it is not advisable you install both at the same time; the operation may not even be successful depending on whether your device is jailbroken or not. Precisely, here are some of the differences between these two apps:
iGotYa is developed specifically for those using jailbroken Phones and offered below $5. It is sneakier and can silently take snapshots of the thief and send it along with the GPS location of the device. Its sneaky properties didn’t stop there; the secure mode is also another feature that can con a thief into believing that nothing has actually been installed or stored in the device. Additionally, it prevents sync attempts with any desktop app.
On the hand, Find my iPhone is a free app designed specifically to help in locating misplaced or stolen phones. This may serve as a temporary iGotYa alternative for those using none jailbroken phones. This app is specifically designed to reveal the location of the device on a map and doesn’t include further features like sending snapshots of the new user or the surroundings, and has nothing to do with sync services too. But unlike iGotYa, Find my iPhone can allow owners to control their missing or stolen device by sending a message to the phone, playing a sound or even protecting the content by locking the phone or erasing the it entirely.

Symantec Releases New Coupon For Norton Security 2015

It is now official that Norton Security 2015 is available. Symantec made it clear last month that it is available at $79.99 (Norton Security) and at $89.99 (Norton Security with a backup). Its release is a hallmark in the replacement for its three previous packages; Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security. Among the new notable changes in the new package is its revamped interface. The software’s interface is greener than before with its functionally organized under the identity, back up, performance, and security tabs. Also, the new software comes with two norton security coupons.

Improved Interface and Features

norton security couponsOther changes and additions to the software are in its functions. It has a new anti-malware engine, data leak protection, and a smart data integration. It has an enhanced threat detection system which will be a reprieve to customers who were used to the nagging flagging of all new downloaded utilities by the previous model.

The Norton with a backup offers an extra service of backing up your data online. The backup service is of up to 25 GB of space and is available at an extra cost to all who need it. Users will only need to have $10 more dollars to acquire the advanced type. 

The two products can protect a maximum of five devices and are compatible with Windows XP+, previous and current versions of Mac OS and Android 2.3+. Symantec also announced that the new releases will see the end of the three previous packages. They will, however, continue functioning until the expiry date of their subscriptions.

What About Current Norton Users

Customers who want to upgrade their old versions to the newly released can do that only by contacting support through chat. This will change their old versions to the current ones, but will need to be renewed upon reaching their expiry date. For users who want to have a taste of the new technology before purchasing it, they can try the 30 day free trials of the two Norton versions. The known norton discount codes are still valid and can be used for the new product, too.

Some Basics Of Hosting a Site

Many people, in one way or another, utilize the Internet on a daily basis. Companies, individuals and others might be interested in having their own space online. This is made possible through webhosting, which permits users to make their own website that can be accessed on the web.


The services provided by a hosting company are expected to differ. Typically file hosting and a website comes with a basic plan of this sort. Users will also have access to a control panel or similar interface that can be used to manage their web server, as well as various services and applications.

A lot of different hosting is available. Each company offers its own packages. For example, Godaddy provides Economy hosting, which is perfect to start with a basic site. It also provides the Deluxe and the Ultimate plan which offer more security and they are ideal for managing multiple sites. Godaddy can be really an economic solution for people who seek web hosting, according to In general, the most popular forms of web hosting used today: virtual dedicated, cloud, home server, free, shared, grid, managed, colocation and reseller. Certain types of hosting may be available by host providers, including: shopping cart software, blog, paste bin, image, video, email, and file.

When it comes to deciding between the free or paid providers, many things should be considered. Be sure to look at reviews and ratings. Similarly, also consider what is needed from this service and what is most affordable. Availability and quality of such services might vary based on location and similar factors. will help you decide between two of the greatest web hosting solutions.

A lot of providers permit set ups that are compatible with many types of software. Customers might want other services, such as multi-media, databases and email to go with their plan. Host packages will come with different options and are usually set up so that clients do not have to deal first-hand with technical problems.

This is a service that is important for all that want to establish a presence on the web. There are a lot of companies that offer these services at different costs. Compare the quality of service, features and prices in order to see what works best for your needs and desires.

Clearer Results With Digital Photo Printing

Few things bring back memories of precious times like physically holding a photograph of the event. The texture of the paper, the vibrancy of the colors and the clarity of the details all work together to spark that nostalgic feeling. With digital photo printing, it is now much easier to enjoy even more pictures and to share them with others.

In 1993, the world of photography was forever changed by the introduction of this new type of image capture: Digital photography and digital printing were a new reality. It made the whole process between snapping a picture and getting a physical print out of it much faster and simpler. There are so many benefits to using the new format that every year it becomes more prominent, especially with avid shutterbugs. This is why the drug chain Walgreens invested in their Photo Center, and today is the major digital photo printing website, with competitive prices, deals and promotion codes–some of which you can grab from

One of the primary benefits is that this new format is far more economical, both for the individual and for businesses. In the traditional style, one was required to purchase rolls of film which provided a limited number of shots. The newer method utilized either a memory chip in an electronic device or a removable SD card, both which offer hundreds of picture opportunities.

Buying rolls of film could become rather expensive when a person found it necessary to take multiple pictures in an attempt to get one good shot. When done digitally, the photographer has the opportunity to take several snaps and review them, selecting only the ones they find acceptable for print. This saves a lot of money not only on cartridges but on paper and ink wasted on undesirable images.

The new method is also extremely convenient. The most obvious time saver is the elimination of all the time and hassle that used to be involved in switching out film cartridges. Cards and chips can hold hundreds of pictures before reaching capacity, at which point one simply needs to upload them either to the internet or their computer for viewing and storage.

photos digitalWith the range of advanced technologies available today, a person can immediately share their pictures with friends and family through instant messages, emails or uploads to social media sites. No longer does one have to wait up to a week to receive hard copies and then deliver them to others. When shared by virtual means, the recipient can choose whether or not to have their own physical copy made for pennies a shot, saving the originator money.

There are numerous online websites through which an individual may upload and order prints of their pictures at very affordable prices. The customer has the opportunity to do minor adjustments like focus, contrast and cropping on each shot before submitting the order. Many of these virtual vendors offer people a few free printouts so that they may preview the quality they can expect before purchasing.

People still have the option of ordering all the traditional snapshot sizes of 3″x5″ and 4″x6″. They also have the opportunity to have their pictures done in a variety of other formats like wallet sized, 5″x7″, 8″x10″, posters, on canvas, calendars and numerous customizable gifts. Since everything is handled electronically, an individual can have near full control over the results of their ima

Learn How To Make Your Own Business Cards

Business cards play a major role in small companies and start ups, but the expense for professional printing can be difficult to manage. Learn how to make your own business cards to save money and present yourself in an attractive manner.

How to Make Business Cards

Start by shopping for perforated paper stock at a quality retailer. Look for the color and style that suits your needs and pay attention to weight. Sheets generally include at least ten units, depending on the size and scale of the style chosen.

Specialized software makes designing business stationary simple using a computer. For a software that can  help you design a business card go to or read this article written by a total noob. Some word processing software also includes templates for this project. Be sure to select the template that matches the card stock and be prepared to print test runs.

Create marketing material on the computer by inputting text, images and graphics that are industry specific.

 Try several designs to find the ideal layout or opt for a selection of designs to provide variety to clientele. Feel free to become creative. Making customizable stationary allows for quick changes, which helps to accommodate new staffing or special circumstances.

Print samples on plain sheets of paper before using the specialized stock. Be sure to save the file once you are satisfied with the look and orientation of this project. Back up to a portable device or the cloud for access everywhere and simplified online distribution.

Printing new marketing material is simple with any software. Separate by folding and tearing at the perforations and the units are ready for distribution. Store excess units and extra paper in a safe location until you need to resupply.

Save money and create a personalized design by making custom tools with computer software and perforated paper. Personalize with the appropriate logo and text, save the file for future use and provide to clients almost immediately. Companies of all shapes and sizes can make beautiful marketing tools with this simple method.

Why is Tobacco Bad For You

Just because something is natural does not mean that it is good for one’s health. Tobacco is an example of this. The leaves of this plant are dried and included in cigarettes and cigars. These are also found in the form of snuff, chew, dip and other products. There are many potential negative effects of tobacco use.

Alkaloid nicotine is a prime ingredient in this plant. This is the stimulant that makes the use of this so addictive and also why the plant itself is included in so many products. Smokers, and even those who do not smoke, are at risk of health problems associated with the use of these plant, especially when it involves smoking. Most of the health issues include disease of the lungs, liver or heart.

Smokers have a heightened chance of suffering from a stroke, COPD, cancer or stroke. Even those who do not engage in smoking may fall victim to these problems because of second-hand smoke. Duration of tobacco use, as well as the form it is used in, may influence the effects. Every individual is different, but the current consensus is that tobacco use is detrimental to health.

The list of potential dangers associated with use is long. Influenza, oral problems, impotence, infection, pulmonary issues, cardiovascular disease, death and cancer are just some examples. The severity of each of these conditions will differ by case. Furthermore, treatment issued with all vary. Most professionals working in the health industry highly recommend individuals do not use tobacco, but it has still managed to become an addiction for many. Here is an interesting post about a much better way to enjoy nicotine without the tobacco harmful effects: V2 Electronic cigarettes

Back to Tobacco cigarettes, cutting this type of bad habit can be hard to do, especially among those who have done it for years. Second-hand smoke, snuff, cigars, hookah and chews are common forms it is taken in. To help with reducing use and overall prevention, some physicians have taken to counseling and education the young about the plant’s negative effects.

It is said that tobacco is a top cause of preventable death on a global level. Millions die every year as a result of usage. The stimulant found in the plant is what makes so many tolerant and dependent. The negative effects of use may be increased because of the other harmful ingredients that are used in cigarettes. Smoking is known to threaten good health.

Quitting can be done. Today, perhaps more than ever, there are many options available to people wanting to stop usage. This dangerous habit can take time to kick and might involve a lot of willpower on the behalf of the user. People should consider consulting with doctors during the process and creating a strong support system of loved ones.

Most of the health effects of usage cannot by undone. Still, stopping is important and can help prevent major issues. Each individual will have a different response to use. A person who has only smoke for one decade may fall victim to lung cancer and die because of his or her use, while someone who has smoked for triple the time might have little to no life-threatening health problems.

What You Should Know Before Buying New House Furniture

Decorating a new abode can be a very exciting experience. People have the opportunity to choose interior additions that are best reflective of their own personalities and tastes. Before investing in house furniture, however, there are a few important considerations that shoppers should make. First off, they should buy only furniture from trusted department stores, like Kohls and Macys. A review of these two merchants on shows why these two stores can be trusted.

Many people are eager to use a number of common savings strategies in order to reduce the costs of these purchases. They might try shopping at thrift stores or consignment stores in order to find high-quality goods at extremely discounted prices. This is certainly one way to get more for your money, but you could wind up experiencing a few problems in the process.

Many people who have invested in secondhand furnishings have wound up bringing home costly pest problems. Second hand furniture is an attractive proposition for many shoppers because it’s dead cheap. But, Macys coupons and Kohls coupon codes can help you buy new furniture at a low cost. See for this kind of coupon deals. Furniture that is infected with pests occurs in areas in which many households are contending with bed bug infestations. People often donate their unwanted goods without recognizing that doing can cause major issues. This is often how these infestations spread from home to home.

There are actually a number of health concerns associated with the donation of used furnishings. This is largely due to the fact that the companies that sell these items may or may not be cleaning them properly before making them available to the public. Some companies are very diligent in this area and some are not. Personal items can be stored between the cushions of couches and other articles can be subject to rips, tears, stains, unpleasant odors and a range of other problems.

Fortunately, there many alternative ways for people to save money on items like beds, dressers, sofas and tables. For instance, they can speak with store owners and ask whether or not there is any model furniture to buy. These are items that are used as part of in-store displays and they are often available at discounted prices. They have only suffered a very nominal amount of wear and tear and will often look brand new.

Shopping online is another great way to get good deals. People can work with online merchants who are willing to waive their shipping costs. Many web-based companies have ongoing clearance offers and other specials that homeowners can take advantage of. There is also a much greater array of providers and products to choose from. This gives consumers the chance to find items that are best in line with their own design visions.

It can also be beneficial to look for entire furniture sets, rather than attempting to buy each item separately. This often lowers the per unit cost of each item within the set significantly. It also ensures that each part is available when the consumer needs it. When buying single items, people always run the risk of having coordinating products sell out.

clothing10For those who lack sufficient funds for purchasing entire sets, there are often a number of in-house financing offers available. These companies are usually willing to help consumers finance major purchases so that they can get what they need in spite of minimal spending money. Not only is this a great way to furnish an entire house, but it can also help consumers build positive lines of credit.

Shoes Of Many Different Styles

The key to putting together a great ensemble is as much about the footwear as it is about the other accessories chosen. Even the greatest of looks can be ruined if this final detail is not complimentary to the rest. Having a basic knowledge of the various types of shoes available can assist an individual in finding one that will go perfectly with their chosen attire or activity.

There are several footwear types that will be appropriate for a number of different situations and taking the time to understand this could help one avoid a potentially embarrassing ensemble. A knowledgeable individual would never make the fashion faux pas of pairing work boots with a slinky formal gown or wear flip flops to go skiing.


People from all types of lifestyles and of all age groups from infant to octogenarian, know the greatness of sneakers. This highly versatile genre has many styles that are suited to best serve in specific activities such as a variety of sports, walking, running as well as those meant just for casual everyday comfort. The shock absorbing rubber soles and the adjustable closures made from Velcro or laces are trademarks of this shoe.


Although they are primarily meant to be worn in cold, wet or dirty conditions, some boot designs are making them a fashionable choice in casual and dressy situations as well. By definition, this attire covers the full foot with the top stopping at some point between the ankle and the thigh. This footwear can be found in a wide range of styles both with and without heels.


Using straps of varying widths, with or without buckles, to stay on, a sandal usually leaves much of the foot exposed. Versatility is the name of the game with this type as they may be flat, heeled, casual, dressy, highly embellished or very simple and of most any color at all. Their claim to fame is that they go with almost any outfit and are great for a lot of different situations.



Many women consider flats to have the highest level of comfort and convenience of all the various types. Flats at various designs can be found over at, a shoe store described extensively by! Flats cover the toes, sides and back of the feet and will be completely without heels of any height. Their soft bodies, usually made from pliable fabrics like canvas or soft leather, slip on easily and hug the foot like a second layer of skin that moves naturally.


One of the more popular genres is heels, which actually splits into many subcategories like peep-toes, stilettos, wedges, pumps as well as others, all having lift heights that average between one inch and six. These can have endless designs, some of which will be quite sexy, others rather classy, with or without straps and embellishments. Among all the variations, one can find something to fit most any need from the office to the party.

A person’s choice of footwear can depend on many factors like environment, necessity and preferential appearance, as well as their ability to walk in certain styles. Also, research shows that our footwear choices are influenced by our personality. The right selection can be the one thing that declares an outfit a success or causes it to fail horribly. Rest assured though, that there is a foot covering that perfectly fits whatever the situation or the outfit.

How Cloud Services Has Affected The Ease of Music Production

The digital revolution in music truly gained a foothold in the 1980s, when MIDI sequencers and digital audio recording tools really took off in popularity. Not only was magnetic tape replaced with hard drives, but many studio musicians were replaced by synthesizers and samplers which provided a “band in a box.”

As a result of this fact, millions of aspiring artists have produced songs and even complete albums from their home studios at little cost. Whether this has improved the quality of music or not is open to debate, but it clearly has increased the sheer number of musical compositions available in the world.

Thanks to the cloud computing, another revolution is on the making: interstate and even international collaborative music production.

 Making music in the cloud

cloud backupTraditionally, musicians would rent a studio and hire an engineer to oversee a recording session in order to produce a song. It was a highly personal, face-to-face affair, and legends abound of some of the hijinks that occurred at some notable sessions in the past. Often, artists had to travel across the country in order to work in a studio affiliated with a major label, and the label would deduct all of the expenses from future royalties. In short, making music was a laborious, expensive affair, and very few were able to cut an album without a label’s blessing.

Today, a producer could whip up some beats from his home studio, send the track off to a partner in Chicago for instrumentation and further arrangement, who in turn would forward the track to a singer in Los Angeles to lay down some vocals. Then, the original producer could get all of the files back, sweeten each, and produce a master ready for distribution all in a few hours, let alone a few days. What makes this possible? Cloud storage.

How cloud storage is making collaboration easier

cloud storageCloud services, such as Dropbox , Box and Google Drive, make the sharing of huge files easy for the layperson. Prior to online storage, files had to shipped on physical media like CDs or hard drives, or uploaded via FTP something very few creative types could wrap their wits around.

In contrast, cloud storage is quite easy to use about as easy as using email and downloading an attachment. A user simply invites others to a shared folder in the cloud by emailing a link, and other parties can download gigabytes of information from anywhere in the world. Both high quality .WAV audio files and software files in proprietary formats can be sent, allowing users with the same software program to easily edit originals and spice things up or re-arrange.


Sound engineering is part art and part science. The sound characteristics of each microphone, singer, instrument and room are markedly different, and sound engineers know how to marry up each with proper mic placement and recording levels. This control is not possible when using cloud storage with musicians spread far and wide, at least not easily.

Also, some of the “spirit” might be lacking when your musical collaborators are nowhere near you while creating your art, and some artists might not do well unless they have someone else providing some discipline in order to get them to work.

 What’s next?

As broadband speeds increase, it will be possible to conduct virtual recording sessions where everyone jams together online using some form of video conferencing technology, but which can record and transmit in high definition audio and video without buffering issues. An engineer/producer could coordinate all of the musicians and regulate the session virtually, with each remote artist outfitted with high quality headphones or studio monitors and fed a mix, just like in a real recording studio. Each musician’s track could be streamed into its own separate cloud storage file for manipulation later.

As video conferencing platforms, such as Skype, have become common in households and mobile devices, collaborating in this way doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Quality, however, must improve in broadband connections so audio and video are consistently delivered in real time.

Music has been greatly democratized thanks to our digital tools. While this has caused some trouble for record labels that no longer enjoy near monopolies on the music industry, it bodes well for future artists.



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