Could Eating Too Fast Make You Fat?

Eating too fast has always been associated with bad table manners. Guzzling one’s food can be construed as an insult to the chef, whether it’s in a four-star restaurant or in the family dining room. New scientific studies show that in addition to being boorish social behavior, eating too fast can have a negative impact on your body weight.


After Eating Too Fast, You Still Feel Hungry

“Weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem tend to discourage fast eating”, explains weight loss reviewer of Anecdotal evidence suggests that eating quickly increases the total amount of food consumed at a meal. The theory is that you can eat faster than your brain can register the food intake, and you wind up eating much more food than is actually needed to balance your energy expenditure.

A study conducted at the University of Rhode Island and published in the 2008 Journal of the American Dietetic Association has proven what had been suspected all along. The study’s goal, as set by Dr Andrade and colleagues, was to discover empirical evidence that reducing the rate of food intake could have a positive effect on body weight. To this purpose, 30 healthy women were tested on two occasions in order to compare the effects of slow and fast eating. Satiety, the feeling of having had enough food, was the primary touchstone of the test.

On the fast-eating day the test subjects, armed with a soupspoon, were given lunch and told to eat at a comfortable rate, but with no pauses between bites. On the slow-eating day, the test subjects were given a teaspoon and told to take small bites, to put the utensil down between bites, and to chew each bite of food twenty to thirty times. The results showed that when the test subjects ate quickly, their satiety was lower even though they had consumed more food. When the test subjects ate slowly, they ate less food, experienced satiety before all of their food was consumed, and reported enjoying the meal more.

When You Gobble Your Food, You Eat More

Recent years have seen increased knowledge in the mechanics of appetite control. Immediately following a meal, the gut experiences hormonal changes that affect the hypothalamus and regulate hunger, feelings of satiety, and total number of calories consumed. These changes include a decrease in the peptide ghrelin, which is an orexigenic hormone, meaning it stimulates appetite. Simultaneously, there is a rise in anorexigenics (appetite suppressants) in the form of peptide YY (PYY) and glucagon-like peptide, also known as GLP-1.

A crossover study, published in the 2010 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, examined whether eating slowly would result in increased satiety. Kokkinos and his team at Athens University Medical School sought to measure satiety hormones in the gut. Specifically, the researchers wanted to know whether eating more slowly would result in more anorexigenic peptides and fewer orexigenic peptides.

For the study, 17 healthy male volunteers were given 300 ml (or about 10 ounces) of ice cream on two different occasions. During the first session, the ice cream was divided into two portions, which the test subjects consumed within 5 minutes. For the second session, the ice cream was divided into 7 equal portions, which were eaten over the course of half an hour. During the clinical session, which lasted three and a half hours, blood samples were drawn before the meal and at 30-minute intervals in order to measure the anorexigenic and orexigenic peptides, as well as glucose, plasma lipids, and insulin levels.

Appetite suppressing peptides (PYY and GLP-1) were significantly greater after the 30-minute dessert than after the 5-minute dessert, which proved that eating quickly results in fewer appetite suppressing hormones. In addition, unrestrained energy intake was higher when the ice cream was eaten quickly, and lower when it was eaten more slowly. After meal completion, satiety was higher for the slow-food group.

Wolfing Down Your Food WILL Make You Fat

The above two studies essentially found that eating fast makes you feel more hungry and as a result consume more food. But could this really affect your weight? To complement these findings, a study published in the British Medical Journal sought to examine whether eating too fast could result in being overweight or obese.

The Mayurama cross-sectional survey examined the data collected from 4140 Japanese adults, who were asked in a questionnaire to rate the pace at which they consumed their meals, from slow to very fast. Those who answered that they ate their meals “fast” or “very fast” combined with “eating until full” had the highest values for body mass index, weight, and caloric consumption. Those who did not eat quickly and did not eat until full had the lowest incidence of being overweight and the lowest energy intake. This study scientifically validated the warning that “wolfing down your food will make you fat.”

We can now understand why Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, the two biggest commercial weight loss programs recommend that we eat our food slowly. More about Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and their coupon codes at

How to Stop Eating So Fast

Some habits are deeply ingrained. If your parents always told you to clean your plate, you may find it difficult to stop eating until you have consumed every morsel of your meal. So the first step is to cut down on the portion size of the food on your plate. That way you can satisfy the nagging voice in your head without adding to your body mass index.

Next, take small bites, chew your food thoroughly, and set your utensil down between mouthfuls. Try using a small fork or spoon, or even chopsticks, to slow down the rate of food consumption. Watching television while eating can distract you from truly savoring your meal. Try to pay attention to and enjoy your food’s aromas and flavors.

If you absolutely must have something sweet at the end of the meal, allow a full 20 minutes to pass before indulging. At that point, you may find that the urge to continue eating has passed. If not, then select a slimming option such as nonfat yogurt, and use the same technique of small portions and small bites.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. You may find yourself better able to adhere to your weight loss program, just by ending the habit of eating too fast.

How Cloud Services Has Affected The Ease of Music Production

The digital revolution in music truly gained a foothold in the 1980s, when MIDI sequencers and digital audio recording tools really took off in popularity. Not only was magnetic tape replaced with hard drives, but many studio musicians were replaced by synthesizers and samplers which provided a “band in a box.”

 As a result of this fact, millions of aspiring artists have produced songs and even complete albums from their home studios at little cost. Whether this has improved the quality of music or not is open to debate, but it clearly has increased the sheer number of musical compositions available in the world.

Thanks to the cloud computing, another revolution is on the making: interstate and even international collaborative music production.

 Making music in the cloud

cloud backupTraditionally, musicians would rent a studio and hire an engineer to oversee a recording session in order to produce a song. It was a highly personal, face-to-face affair, and legends abound of some of the hijinks that occurred at some notable sessions in the past. Often, artists had to travel across the country in order to work in a studio affiliated with a major label, and the label would deduct all of the expenses from future royalties. In short, making music was a laborious, expensive affair, and very few were able to cut an album without a label’s blessing.

Today, a producer could whip up some beats from his home studio, send the track off to a partner in Chicago for instrumentation and further arrangement, who in turn would forward the track to a singer in Los Angeles to lay down some vocals. Then, the original producer could get all of the files back, sweeten each, and produce a master ready for distribution all in a few hours, let alone a few days. What makes this possible? Cloud storage.

How cloud storage is making collaboration easier

cloud storageCloud services, such as Dropbox , Box and Google Drive, make the sharing of huge files easy for the layperson. Prior to online storage, files had to shipped on physical media like CDs or hard drives, or uploaded via FTP something very few creative types could wrap their wits around.

In contrast, cloud storage is quite easy to use about as easy as using email and downloading an attachment. A user simply invites others to a shared folder in the cloud by emailing a link, and other parties can download gigabytes of information from anywhere in the world. Both high quality .WAV audio files and software files in proprietary formats can be sent, allowing users with the same software program to easily edit originals and spice things up or re-arrange.


Sound engineering is part art and part science. The sound characteristics of each microphone, singer, instrument and room are markedly different, and sound engineers know how to marry up each with proper mic placement and recording levels. This control is not possible when using cloud storage with musicians spread far and wide, at least not easily.

Also, some of the “spirit” might be lacking when your musical collaborators are nowhere near you while creating your art, and some artists might not do well unless they have someone else providing some discipline in order to get them to work.

 What’s next?

As broadband speeds increase, it will be possible to conduct virtual recording sessions where everyone jams together online using some form of video conferencing technology, but which can record and transmit in high definition audio and video without buffering issues. An engineer/producer could coordinate all of the musicians and regulate the session virtually, with each remote artist outfitted with high quality headphones or studio monitors and fed a mix, just like in a real recording studio. Each musician’s track could be streamed into its own separate cloud storage file for manipulation later.

As video conferencing platforms, such as Skype, have become common in households and mobile devices, collaborating in this way doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Quality, however, must improve in broadband connections so audio and video are consistently delivered in real time.

Music has been greatly democratized thanks to our digital tools. While this has caused some trouble for record labels that no longer enjoy near monopolies on the music industry, it bodes well for future artists.



What Is Vitamin B Complex Good For

The vitamin B complex are considered as a group because they work so closely together. Although each of the B vitamins performs different functions they are all members of the same team. So they should always be taken together. Because of this fact, a deficiency in one is often indicated as a deficiency in another. So for example if you have carpal tunnel syndrome and it’s recommended to take an additional B2 and B6, you still want to take the full B complex because they all work so closely together and help each other. Additional resources you can find here.

What do the vitamin B complex do for the body

Vitamin B benefitsB complex helps maintain the health of the skin, eyes, mouth, hair, liver and nerves. They help maintain the healthy muscle tone of the digestive, gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract. They are essential for proper brain function. There is evidence that B vitamins are useful and alleviating depression and anxiety. Alzheimer and dementia have both been linked to low levels of B vitamin in the system. Therefore, is very important that seniors have adequate intake. For more information on vitamin intake read this.

B Vitamin in Foods

You will find B vitamins in whole grains, avocados, bananas, potatoes and sweet potatoes, beans and lentils, chili peppers, meat, liver and organ meat, fish and seafood, eggs and milk, nuts and seeds, fortified breakfast cereal and energy bars. Also, in smaller quantity: brewer’s yeast, wheat germ.


B1 or Thiamine helps in blood circulation, cell formation, carbohydrate metabolism and digestion by producing hydrochloric acid, which essential if you want to have a proper and healthy digestive system. B1 also improves cognitive ability, helping you learn new things, adapt information. It also counteracts free radicals as antioxidants do.


B2 or Riboflavin contributes to blood cell formation and carbohydrate metabolism as well as protein and fat metabolism. It helps the body absorb iron and B6. It’s essential for eye health minimizing eye fatigue and it’s beneficial for cataract. B2 is necessary for cellular respiration and growth and is vital for your fetal health.


B3, also known as Niacin, promotes memory, blood circulation, metabolism and sex hormone synthesis, produces hydrochloric acid and lowers cholesterol.


Also known as Pantothenic Acid, B5 is the official anti-stress nutrient helping with the adrenaline function and enhances stamina. It helps the body produce antibodies for better immune system and neurotransmitters to help with brain function.


Pyridoxine or B6 contributes to the physical and mental well being and like many other B vitamins helps in hydrochloric acid and antibody production, blood cell formation and nerve and brain health. B6 regulates sodium – potassium balance, helps B12 absorption and is needed for RNA and DNA synthesis. It clears the area around the heart from cholesterol deposits, contributing to a healthier heart.


B7 known also as biotin is necessary for cell growth, production of fatty acids and metabolizes fats and amino acids. It helps the transfer of carbon dioxide throughout the body. B7 helps on maintaining a steady blood sugar. It strengthens hair, skin and nails.


Folic Acid or B9 is essential for blood cell formation, energy production, RNA, DNA and protein synthesis. B9 is one of the most important vitamins during and before pregnancy, as it is necessary in proper fetal nerve cell formation.


B12, also called Methylcobalamin, helps with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis because it helps regenerate damaged nerves. It plays a role in metabolism digestion and blood cell formation.

From all the above you understand the important role of B complex in your overall wellness, from brain, nerves and memory to digestion, blood, cells and heart. Remember that no person is deficient in one only B vitamin without being deficient in all of them. Every cell in your body needs them so if you show any deficiency that means your entire body is suffering and becoming damaged because you are not supplying.

How to Find the Correct Online Printing Service for Business Cards

Doing simple jobs like disseminating flyers and business cards can be helpful to your business. Through this, you’ll have an open communication with potential customers. In addition, this can be a very effective technique to advertise your business or firm to other people.

Remember that originality is a vital component that your business cards must possess. Business cards of numerous companies generally look exactly the same. The main details writtenhow-to-find-an-online-printing-service-for-business-cards in the card are your name / the name of your business, the mailing address, a phone number (a cellphone or land-line phone), and the website / email address.

If you have plenty of company services, then why not include some in front (with bold characters) or at the back of the card. Lastly, consider the design of your business cards. It must be very attractive to the extent that individuals can’t resist to have a look at it.

Producing business cards isn’t an easy task. Moreover, in your attempt to make them as attractive as possible, the process may possibly take a lot of your time. To solve this dilemma, why not consider a designer’s help from a professional firm or company on the web?

I have found good services that offers custom design logos from vistaprint and but you can also check this website and browse more printing and designing services. Dependable printing enterprises will definitely complete the job for you right away.

First of all, you have to determine the reliability of your selected online printing provider. To help you get the work done, here are a few important ideas to bear in mind as you find the best printer over the web:

Seek a service that provides top quality and exceptional results. Customers need great and professional business card designs over those that look ordinary. In other words, it is a lot better to settle on lovely cards compared to dull-looking ones. Considering this, you have to search for a printing service that can give you a multitude of premium designs to choose from.

Choose an online printer provider that is fast and does not give delays. Time should not be wasted for most businessmen. Even in printing a basic business card, this should not be taken for too long. That is why you need to make sure that you have agreement on the time frame on when your business cards will arrive at your hands. Directly ask them not to delay their work. With this, you will be at ease. Waiting for too much time gives headaches, particularly when it is business related work.

Reduce Cost. The most attractive business cards will not cause you a fortune. You can have your business card printed in a pleasing and enticing way by looking for an online company that offers high-quality printing services at affordable prices. Cost-effective printing services are Vistaprint, Printing For Less, Ps Print,

You can save extra by using coupons and discount codes, too! For example you can save up to 50% on business cards in this source! I have tried many deals and vouchers to order business cards and I guarantee it will work for you as well!

If you learn how to find and use codes for specific products, you can make huge savings. For instance, a friend of mine goes to the site that he wants to make a purchase, then he opens a new browser and he’s searching online for codes that gives him ultra special discounts! He’s always telling me how he purchased goods for less and that’s motivating me to research deep and save extra too!