World folklore

As the first sung music form that was available to all people, folklore music saw a fame and popularity many other forms of music will never see. Trough folklore music people found a way to sing about everything. They extolled their kings and queens, the bravery of the knights and normal people, they sung about their sadness because of long lost periods and people. Without even hearing any words you can feel the sadness, the deep, deep regrets and tears that could move mountains, trough that notes.

But they are not always about sadness. There are quite a lot folklore songs about the joy in life and things like new life, the beauty of it and of the nature and the planet. But the most folklore songs talk about love. They can be both sad and joyful, but mostly sad. The sad ones handle about lost loves, the ones who died or went in other places that can never be reached by the ones who love them. They also talk about the love itself, how it can be evil sometimes.

All around the world there are folk songs that are kept to this day and that were sung trough generations. Especially in Europe, these songs are always strong and with a clear and strong message for those who listen to them. In Asia you can also find a lot folklore songs and music, but they are quite hard to understand, because of the different culture, especially back from the time when they were originally written.

Every day there are new folk songs being written and sung all over the world, but they are not what they used to be. They lost a lot on their message and emotion part and gained a lot commercial elements. Today you will hear modern folk musicians sing about money, sex, drugs and other irrelevant stuff that is not worthy to be a part of the folklore music. But there are still the old ones we can enjoy and listen to.