About British traditional music

The last year I had a chance to visit the great island. By that I mean the Great Britain. I stayed two weeks in London and had quite a lot of time for myself to explore this amazing place on the Earth. I wanted to taste real English beer and to eat English food. To visit the museums and parks and see every famous architectural achievement London has to offer. But before all of that I wanted to listen to some English Folklore Music.

Since I was little I heard these songs in movies or on my father's radio, while he was working in the garage. He was a huge fan of everything considering the old English folk. I was more a fan of the mythology and legendary creatures and the bravery and love that I could not understand then, but do now. The music was so interesting and real and so full of emotions.

So I went on the internet and searched for about two hours for clubs, bars or pubs in London where I can drink British beer and listen to the old folk music. And I found one located in North London, about 3 miles away from my hotel. I wanted to go there by foot, and enjoy London a little. So I went out, it was about 1 PM. After an hour I realized I won't be able to find the pub by myself so I took my iPhone out and opened the Google Maps app. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the pub wasn't to find on their map of London. So I had to take a cab. In about half an hour we arrived there. It was amazing. Old Victorian style pub with live music every night. I stayed there the whole day. There were also a few songs about boggarts, elves and hobbits.